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Signatures for Dear Vulcan, leave Pritchard and the Blazers alone!

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1 BrianLibby Stop the insanity!
2 TimMahedy Vulcan, please stick to killing Romulans and stay out of basketball!
3 SonjaCorbell Dear Vulcan, All of you have a very limited basketball background, and your investments have been extremely poor over the last 10 years.
4 DaraWhite Please leave them alone. Pritchard has done a good job. Larry Miller seems to be the rat in this stew.
5 KevinMoyer  
6 CharlesStover Do not fire Pritchard!
7 BenEggersgluss They need to let basketball people do basketball things.
8 MikeKanelis KP's part of our team, our great tradition of basketball in the Rose City, part of our family and history. His knowledge and experience cannot be replaced. He's doing a great job here in Portland. He can't control injuries.
9 SarahMoon  
10 AndrewKeippela C'mon the guy re-built the franchise!
11 DonAllen After everything KP has done for us, we the fans (your season ticket holders) would find it very very sad if he were forced out of the organization. I really thought this organization had more class than that.
12 ThomasIkehara  
13 matthewschneider Please keep KP! He is the best things to happen to the Blazers in along time and has my full support. I would be upset and sad to see him fired after all he has done the last few years. We should feel lucky to have a guy with so much talent.
14 RustyNeff Look.....it was a win at all costs (and costs be damned) approach that resulted in the Jail Blazers. So Kevin Pritchard is hired, and told to clean up the mess and do so while bringing costs under control. Mission accomplished. Leave Pritchard alo
15 StevenKnepprath Vulcan, please don't place your overpaid egos in the way of what is best for this team, this community, and the Blazers fans all over the world!
16 ThomasHancock You will alienate blazer nation if you don't give Pritchard a long long opportunity.
17 DaveWeisbord Are you Vulcanites freakin crazy?
18 MorganStump I can't believe that I even have to do this. what a F'ing joke. Vulcan's get lost.
19 JasHudson Dont fire him. Let him do his thing.
20 JaredAtkinson KP STAYS!
21 ValarieSmith Save KP!
22 ChristineGriffin  
23 DustinPetersen As a four year season ticket holder and a fan of the blazers since I was born I have over looked alot of things the company has done as im a die hard fan. However if KP goes so do I as a Ticket Holder. Fact KP helped turn the team around 100%
24 MichaelLeCompte You're not going to find anyone that's better. Firing KP only makes the franchise weaker and creates a culture of mistrust & insecurity with the fans & employees & players. Leave it alone and wait for it to come together. It will in the next few years.
25 SarahMead So what if you think the guy's an egotistical douche? That does not constitute grounds for being fired in any industry I've ever been a part of. In fact, it usually leads to a promotion.
26 MattKurtz Leave Brit . . . I mean Pritchard alone!!!
27 DougOsborn Thanks for stepping Brian ! KP must stay... Vulcans step back.
28 DonaldKlein Can't everyone with the ties just get along?
29 NathanKoenig This is the wrong time to mess with management. Going into the playoffs with someone new in place may cause turmoil. If you really want to consider getting rid of KP do it during the off season when it has less impact on the team. Don't scapegoat KP.
30 RyanJohnson  
31 JerryHatcher You almost ran the franchise into the ground once, leave it alone.Leave it in Portland.
32 ScottWinslow Dont mess with things you dont know about (Basketball).
33 Markrobinson I think hes been doing a great job
34 GaryReichelt I'm sure you have better things to do. Show me a better GM and then I'll listen.
35 ScottCutler I am all in favor of this and agree 100%
36 RandyRoth Dear Vulcan, Inc. From what we can assess from the outside, Kevin Pritchard has done an outstanding job of rebuilding this team back to respectability. As a season ticket holder, I urge caution in this matter. Removal risks fan base. Tread lightly.
37 DonChaney We're a 20+ year season ticket holders. We've endured some difficult times as Blazer fans. Say it ain't so...Vulcans. If you remove KP without some profound public justification, sadly, we'll, be severing our relationship as season ticket holders.
38 BrianDowrey Vulcan Sucks!
39 TylerMcCann If you fire KP, I will stop watching the team I love and greew up watching and become a effing L*aker fan for christ sakes
40 JustinKnight Keep Pritchard!
41 MaryMcLaughlin  
42 KieferSchwartz  
43 JohnZogas Leave basketball decisions to the people who actually know the game...morons
44 BenMarker  
45 DanielAnderson  
46 alfredorosales what is vulcan?
47 PaulPetrequin Firing KP would be the stupidest decision made in a long, long time for the Blazers.
48 AlbertAngelo  
49 SteveBlazer Pritchard stays or I go!
50 OssieBladine