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Signatures for Dear Vulcan, leave Pritchard and the Blazers alone!

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1001 BarbaraMcKenzie Anyone heard of killing the goose that laid the golden egg?!
1002 sherikilpatrick Pritchard needs to stay. He is respected and loved by Portland. He got the Blazers to where they are. He is LOYAL and loves his job. What more could an owner ask for???
1003 DavidFoster You gotta keep this guy! Unless you can sign God, but I don't see that happening.
1004 JulieMason Keep KP! He is a invaluable asset to this team.
1005 RyanParker I find the decision by the Vulcans as shortsighted and, most importantly, lacking integrity. It shows a high level of disloyalty to a man who almost single-handedly restored the image of the franchise.
1006 CharlieHaddad Kevin Pritchard made me a Blazers fan again.
1007 JoshGrgas  
1008 JohnDunn Don't you do it Paul Allen. Don't you be no fool. You've made one good personnel decision with all your toys, and you're leaving him twisting in the wind. Keep Pritchard, pay him what he is worth and reap the benefits.
1009 RobPoyser Kevin Pritchard has my full and unwaivering support.
1010 BrandonGoldner Portland TrailBlazer fans trust Kevin Pritchard.
1011 LukeSullivan Please keep KP. He helped turn the team around. He will be far better off with him than without him. PLEASE!?
1012 jaredboergadine Dont fuck up a good think PA.
1013 ChrisPrice Pritchard's work has been outstanding since joining the Blazers, and they are on the cusp of something great. Please don't mess that up!
1014 GavinGintz KP!!!!!
1015 HarryFlanagan Kevin has done more to change the image of this tesm, then anyone else. His drafting has been nothing short of awesome. Please keep Kevin.
1016 AndresCaputo Keep Pritch in Portland.
1017 JesseShanks Kevin Pritchard is the best thing that has happened to the Blazers since 1977. He is the reason why we currently have one of the most promising young teams in the league. Without him, our chances of winning a championship get a lot worse, not better.
1018 JoeListon  
1019 JasonBrown Keeo Pritch...my grandma was a blazer fan before Allen was owner. Paul Allen, seriously when will the rich realize that a business sometimes isn't a business? He has always been a rich arrogant prick, thanks for keeping the jailblazer culture.
1020 FraserMilne KP!!!!!
1021 WillWiens KeeP
1022 BrianLehmann Pritch Slap
1023 AaronKraljev  
1024 CalebKnox Please?
1025 GabbyL Draft day is going to be crazy.
1026 DougEdwards  
1027 JoeFillmore Keep KP!
1028 MichaelOrnelas Season Ticket holder with my wife. You can count on us cancelling next year. If KP goes so do we! Please stop this madness. Sincerely, MIchael Ornelas
1029 DebbieJermann Okay - you gave the warning shot over the bow, but now time to back off and let KP do his job - the same job that he has been doing VERY WELL!
1030 MattHarrison My $4K in season ticket expenditures is going elsewhere in 2011/12 should this occur.
1031 CollinWilcox Vulcan, You'd know better if you were using your brain... but you're not, you're not using your brain!
1032 AlisonCraker This is crazy... Keep KP!
1033 RianA As a life-long Trailblazer fan, I fully support this petition.
1034 MickGlaze I will be boycotting the Blazers for at least the 2010-2011 season if they fire K.P. this Summer.
1035 WardMcCann I'm a loyal Blazer fan and there has been no other Portland GM's that i have believed in more than KP. These last few years have made me proud of this franchice again. it's time for the next level not to go backwards. GO BLAZERS
1036 DaveHoward Has Vulcan gone "BRAIN DEAD"? KP has brought Character to a cast of Character's. Fire him and I'll not attend another game!
1037 CindyOrdaneff Paul Allen would be even more ignorant than normal to get rid of Kevin Pritchard and if he listens to his out of touch Vulcan team(anyone remember Whitsit??)we and the Blazers are the losers. Keep KP!! get rid of Vulcan!!
1038 williammacklin  
1039 PattonLewis KP has done a phenomenal job! Why in jeopardy? I never liked bball--or the Blazers--until I became a fan of a certain Blazer guy by the name of Kevin Pritchard. He built a lovable team & a good team. Axe him cuz one guy gets hurt? It's a contact sport!
1040 JustinAnderson The man has built a respectable team. Don't blow it or I will have to go back to being a Laker fan.
1041 GaryYeend Pritchard has increased both the talent level & the likability level of the Blazers. Current ownership has a hard time understanding that talant is only a part of the puzzle. I doubt Blazermania will ever be what it once was.
1042 NickTadros  
1043 JillianDowning Let KP do his job!
1044 BillWhipple Bizarre, incomprehensible and maddening are only a few of the adjectives that come to mind for this situation. It feels so insulting to Blazer fans for a business to treat their fans this way(let alone Mr Pritchard).
1045 DerekDuff KP is one of the top GMs in the NBA. Without him I would hate to see where the Blazers would be right now.
1046 louisornelas leave him alone!!
1047 clairemahgoub We've sold out how many games now in a row, all because of the culture that KP created! By bringin in guy's like ROY and Aldridge, Bayless and Oden, basically the entire team! They're people you'd pay to go see and root for! Don't fire the architect!
1048 KeylonKeylon Wow! That's a raelly neat answer!