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51 GrahamMoon  
52 JulieChristiansen This makes me nervous when the nerds who know NOTHING about basketball at Vulcan swoop down and mess things up.
53 BrianWaibel  
54 silaspaul value the guy who built this team. a lot has been said about pritchard's ego --- how about allen and his team's ego in wanting a gm who will follow their orders and shutup? give credit where its due.
55 JasonMcNeese  
56 BrycePeterson Season ticket holder. Section 205, Row G, seats 1-6. Life-long Oregonian and Blazer fan. Paul Allen and Vulcan will lose all respect from life-long Blazer fans if KP goes. You have no idea how this will destroy the Rip City following. Bryce
57 ScottBarton Do not ruin the team by letting Pritchard go anywhere.
58 MatthewCrum  
59 RichardAckerman II  
60 lucasarmenta Paul Allen, you are too smart to listen to these fools again. Pritchard has been a centerpiece in this organization and a fan-favorite. Just look at where we are compared to 4 years ago.
61 JakeParks Fire Canzano
62 DerekGrieson The Vulcan organization is the not the cause of the Blazers resurgence. With that in mind, keep your gloves off of KP and the Blazer's operation. But the Fuck out.
63 Rudiculous  
64 stephenfox  
65 AndrewFrancis  
66 kentaylor KP stays or I quit financially supporting the team in protest to Vulcan's interference by non-basketball smart figure heads. You already blew it by firing Tom Penn!
67 LizJohnson Kevin Pritchard can not be let go. He's been an integral part of turning the Blazers franchise around since the "Jail Blazers" era. Losing him would be a travesty, so please leave him alone!
68 CarriePfalzgraff It would be a huge mistake to fire Kevin Pritchard. He's been a huge positive influence for the Blazers, without him you will loose fans, and the organization will hurt severly. I don't think you can afford this sort of decision at this time. Huge mistake
69 MattWeber I'm in
70 PaulMoses Kevin Pritchard should be allowed to manage the Blazers for as long as he is capable of putting a top-level product on the floor. His track record speaks for itself.
71 JordanRust Without KP, we'd have Tyrus Thomas and Randy Foye instead of the dynamic duo of Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. Don't do something stupid, Vulcan. We can tell you don't know what you're doing.
72 LoganJones Pritchard put this group together, he's brilliant, and I would hate for any other team to have him. He is a Blazer and it needs to stay that way.
73 CharlesHajduk As a season ticket holder... if this happens, Blazers can have my season tickets back.
74 SkylerGrossman  
75 TravisOliver Kevin Pritchard has been the face of change in this organization. Obviously the way Tom Penn was fired shows us that your doing business the wrong way. Please be upfront with this man because he has changed your organization into a winner. He deserves it
76 PerryCallas Kevin Pritchard saved this franchise and deserves to see the team go deeper into the playoffs.
78 LeviKalin I have been a Blazers fan my whole life. I remember watching Clyde the Glide battle it out with Jordan. Over the past 20 years I have been disappointed over and over as a Blazers fine, but firing KP would be the biggest disappointment of all
79 JimNuffer Pritchard is the reason we have such a well rounded team and should STAY IN PORTLAND!!!
80 MyDien  
81 HoaNguyen  
82 ChadDaniel Losing Pritchard would be a crucial blow to this organization. I would lose a lot of the trust that has been built with this organization since the jail blazer era.
83 JasonWilliams Kevin Pritchard is one of the main reasons that Rip City is back! he's the ring leader who has brought in all of our favorite players and has made the Blazers relevant on a league level. In KP we trust...
84 BrandonDickson Keep Pritchard!!!!
85 SethJohnston  
86 BradleyBandara  
87 TinNguyen We love KP. Leave him alone
88 JohnMartin Kevin Pritchard has what it takes to take the Blazers to the promise land. Please let him have free range and do what he does best and use his basketball smarts to take them there!
89 WilsonNguyen I am all in
90 CourtneyPurcell  
91 jonjohnson  
92 PatrickO'Connell  
93 KarenWinters In KP we trust!
94 WendeeBuendia Don't fire Kevin Pritchard! He has helped turn the Blazers into a team to be proud of!
95 bernardgehret I'm a business owner, and I hire people to do what they are experts and stay out of the way! Stay out of K.P.'s way and let him do his job! It's the "right" way to operate.
96 VikasPatel Keep Pritchard here, he flipped this team around and made us a playoff contending team if not a finals contending team. Blazer fans are forever thankful to Pritchard, leave him alone!
97 brianmeadows let basketball people make basketball decisions. stop with the neverending drama and if you must make tough choices don't hang your people out to dry. at least figure out how to handle things publicly - it's embarrassing.
98 ErinKelly Please! Please! Please! Keep KP part of the Blazer family. This team and organization have come so far, let's keep it going with Kevin Pritchard.
99 AdamRussell  
100 LyleDowning Keep KP. Listen to the fans, or not, your choice....